Sometimes relationships fizzle. Sometimes they end abruptly with little left to question. Other times while you may believe you are with the man of your dreams, he is

These are only five potential red flags. Just because these exist, it does not necessarily mean he is not into you anymore. There could be a plethora of personal or

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Want to know if the man you’re dating is a closet gay? Use these 20 subtle and yet obvious signs on how to tell if a guy is gay to get your answers.

How to Tell if Your Guy Friend Is Gay. There are lots of reasons why you might want to know if your friend is gay. There are some important things that you have to

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A few months ago, I wrote a post titled 24 Signs She’s A Slut. In it, I itemized a few tells of promiscuity in women that I—and men everywhere—have figured out

A piece of advice from my loving (but brutal) older man: “If a guy is interested in you, he’ll do something about it.” Well jeez. When you’re waiting for

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DaliMama, I respectufully disagree… none of those attributes will tip you off to his penis size. e.g., I’m not tall, and maybe a little skinny…and I pass the

He’s NOT The One ifHe ogles other women. When a man has a wandering eye, he’s still shopping around. Unless a woman is on stilts, there’s no reason to take her in

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He constantly blames you. Although it’s natural for a guy to be a little testy when interrogated, if you notice that he’s always shifting the blame so that you look

Well, most of us would probably answer “no,” but for those who have, it’s a horrible dilemma. Do you risk it all and ask him, or keep quiet and try and forget

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