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Talking with my mom the other day, I was surprised to hear that my man had seen a neurologist to discuss recent lapses in his short-term memory. man’s doctor

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Oct 11, 2015 · Many developmental issues occur during the teen years. Photo Credit altrendo images/Stockbyte/Getty Images

All men are at risk for prostate problems, which include prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and prostatitis. Find out more from WebMD about causes

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Teen problems are vast and complicated. From their inner selves to family and outside influences, teen problems have many faces and forms.

Learn about s body issues, drug , drinking, smoking, peer pressure, bullying, and attitude problems from the editors of Parents magazine.

Dental problems are disturbing, but a majority of them can be prevented or easily resolved. Learn about some of the most common dental problems.

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The usual mistake with vulval itching is to assume that you have thrush, and keep on applying anti-thrush creams that you have bought from a pharmacy.

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The effect alcohol has on the body, including complications from heavy drinking: fatty liver, fibrosis and cirrhosis.